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Who We Are

IMMOPO is a real estate project management company born of the emerging opportunities in the real estate business in Porto. During these last years acquired an extensive experience and know-how in all the processes that the real estate investment requires as real estate trading, licensing procedures, negotiation of construction contracts, construction oversight, closing the process giving the property back to the real estate market. Our mission is to provide support services in the various stages of the investment process in the real estate market and offer our clients and investors the best results. Our professionals have different backgrounds and experiences, including architecture, interior design, art and photography, engineering, construction, investment and real estate management which together ensures an effective team for a relevant and appropriate advice.

The Immopo Team

Where Are We Different?

Complete and reliable information about the properties
active team with fast and efficient solutions
transparent and professional communication
honor the deadlines and commitments


IMMOPO works with investors looking for first-rate solutions that allow them to enter into the property market and investors looking for a better solution to apply their savings. We encourage all types of investors in the various segments of the real estate, including the areas of housing, local housing, hotels, offices, commerce and industry. We believe that every client is unique with own investment prospects. We develop specific action plans according to the needs of each client, short, medium or long term, which includes the latest information on market conditions and trends that determine the metrics needed to successfully achieve its objectives with an overall investment scenario with all phases and costs involved. IMMOPO combines the most updated market knowledge with the current situation, new trends and future forecasts in order to develop a customized implementation strategy. Our qualified professionals carefully pre-select the properties, favouring high profitability and high-potential future value in premium locations. We discuss and share the strategy and design solution with the client. Armed with knowledge, skills and tools we provide to our client an investment without research delays, bureaucracies, fears and doubts. The supply in the real estate market is vast however IMMOPO provides a convenient full service that presents to the client what is the best for him. As our success is the result of our clients, we are always dedicated on making the best purchase, in performing the most attractive architectural design and suitable for the client and creating the best environment to accomplish the best selling. This combination of principles will result in a higher return and safer investment.

Our Services

IMMOPO is able to identify the best market opportunities for short, medium or long term investment. We believe that to have a safe and solid investment, the first step is to buy well. That is where starts the success of the project and the run for a good return. We act locally always in collaboration with national and international real estate having a vast network of global contacts, which ensures the investment of customers a solid platform. With our network of contacts, experience and determination, we aim to save our customers time, energy and money involved in contacts with the different agents and getting a positive trading adjusted to the values accepted by the parameters established for a good investment.


Continually in search mode we are able to identify the best market opportunities for short, medium or long term investment.


If you want to understand a bit more about the investment numbers and to know your investor profile just come to talk with us.


Our team of architects is one of the strongest assets for the success. We understand the clients because we are also clients.


We work as a team at all stages of the process to timely get responsible answers and integrated solutions


If you want to go further on the identity of your home, we have with us recognized interior designers and contemporary art consultants.


Knowledgeable about all processes that a real estate investment requires, we are focused to ensure that the desired results are achieved on time.


If for now you just need to clarify your ideas and to understand the real estate opportunities just come to talk with us.


We seek to place on the real estate market properties with added value in order to provide our clients good purchases, good sales and good leases.

Latest Investments Return

Investments that are here presented refer to investments which was made purchase, quality renovation or construction and the final sale. These were short-term investments with gross returns calculated at 1 year.


Apartment Refurbishment
Single House
Apartment Refurbishment

Latest news

3 Floor Water Mill
First Architectural Studies

Immopo have been commissioned to develop the architectural project for this unique and historical water mill. More details will come soon.

Single House in Campanhã
Waiting for Construction Licence

Waiting patiently for the the municipal urban services authorization to start building for the first time in Campanhã. The clients told us what they were dreaming about and we found it hidden in the real Porto.

Matosinhos Sul Apartment
Under Construction

Immopo found this apartment as was built 47 years ago. No trace of change was found in this apartment. Next step is to make it look contemporary to be put again in the real estate market. That's the creative financial process that we master.

Single House in Jardim do Morro
Finishing Construction

At the beggining it was an old and small family house in an exclusive location. Very soon IMMOPO identified all the potential of this building. It is a project created and developed by IMMOPO and it is almost concluded.

CO-OP Apartment
Project Concluded

IMMOPO found this apartment for sale, bought the apartment, designed the renovation and carried out the refurbishment works. The apartment was introduced in the rental market and sold to an investor with the guarantee of a good return. One more investor that got satisfied.



IMMOPO is a multidisciplinary company that operates in all areas of real estate. With an experienced team full of know how, we are seek to provide excellent services with guarantees of success.

Camarinha da Silva


Pedro Ribeiro


Francisca Archer


Filipa Neves


Sandra Padleckyte


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Nuno Centeno


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"Architects, Interior and Furniture Designers working for success, to everyone."

"Knowledge brings simplicity and no fear of responsability."

"Every purchase matters to become a great real estate investment."

João Camarinha da Silva

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